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Figuring Out 'Resistance' by Muse with Chord Pickout

Dear Guitar Player,

  Today I'll show you how to pick out chords to a song that
has been very popular recently, 'Resistance' by Muse. You
can listen to it online on YouTube:

  Personally, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to figure out
the chords to it as 'Resistance' involves more instruments,
and more chord progressions, complicating Chord Pickout's job.

  This makes it hard for the software to guess the right
chords. After I opened the song and saw the intro chords
were completely out of tune, I thought I'd spend ages trying
to find the right chords in all that chaos.

  However, I was very surprised as the whole song took me only
15 minutes to master using Chord Pickout. It is the exact
time of listening to the song 3 times (excluding that synth

  I did a very simple thing after I hit 'play'. I just started
to play every chord the program suggests. If it was out of
tune then I heard it, and tried to play other chords it
suggested. And ultimately I realized the same chord pattern
repeats again and again - it was Am-G-F-E.

  There were only little changes to these chords during the
song, and I completely figured out all of them by listening
to 'Resistance' 3 times. And this was not rocket science - I
just played the chords that sounded in tune, and didn't play
the ones that didn't.

  "That was quick," I thought when clicking 'stop' and taking
off my earphones.

  Here are the chords I got:

Am-G-F-E - verse
F-Am-G-F - bridge
C-G-Am-G-F-E - chorus

E-F - the last verse ("The night has reached its end...")

A-Dm-A-Dm-C-G-A: "Take us away from here.." - yes, the
tonality changed (A major appeared)!
Finally they just slide into F:

And that's it!

  Chord Pickout makes it easier to discover chord tabulation
using the MP3 song file alone. It reveals the structure of a
song and how the chords sound.

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Please let me know if this information has
been helpful, or if you have any suggestions.

Chord Pickout Team