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A Program To Recognize Chords In A Song

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What Users Say About Chord Pickout

I just wanted to send personal congratulations to your company for a great program. I've seen a few guitar related programs come across my desktop, but I really like yours. Have a good one and I look very forward to any other programs that come from your company.

- Matt Forster,

If you are not blessed with perfect pitch, picking out the chords being used by listening to a band can be a long and arduous task. Chord Pickout is a very clever tool that will reduce your chord identification chore to a matter of minutes.

- John O'Halloran,
Australian Computer Trader magazine

 Before I came across this - I've been looking for something like this for quite some time. It's a very cool program that you should download the demo just to see it work.

- J. Dreller,

 I really love what you have done. It is a near impossible task to write this kind of software, I know. I am very impressed with what you have done.

- R. Swanson

 With a little music knowledge and this program, you can easily figure out any song. It's good enough for someone with enough music sense to knock out the chords in no time.

- Saiya Mel,

 I'm very happy that such program exist and I'm looking for long time for this. It's a very nice program for me.

- N. Marinov

 Chord Pickout is my most valuable tool for when I'm performing.

- P. Armstrong

 What service sir! I'm very happy. If I get chance to talk about that intelligent product near my friends I will do it and give your internet site.

- M. Fournier

We really liked the one for the guitar! Excellent!

- Pernilla, Sweden

Congratulations, I never thougth to find a software like that! I was pretty amazed 'bout your program. I think this is a extraordinary software for all us.

- S. Kairi

This is a fantastic program.

- Terry G.